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Vehicle is the first need of every person but some how you may catch some trouble (accident) with your automobile and then you wonder for the Inc. to make your fault clear. We offer lots of facilities to the car owner for the courtesy of the car and our accord of protection help you to get better way to get a replacement car on the behalf of the courteousness vehicle if your automobile is not on fault then you never have to pay for the car. Stay in the touch for in comparison to the ones that you used to perform the better opportunities for the replacement of Courtesy car.

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PCO Specialists

AKVehicle PCO Cars specialise in PCO vehicles for Uber drivers – and nothing else! We have a team of PCO specialists on hand to help with any questions you may have about your rental.

No hassle

We understand the pressures faced by PCO drivers so we do everything we can to ensure you can spend as much time as possible on the road. We will take care of your PCNs, PCO testing, servicing, MOT and insurance, leaving you to focus on earning a living.

Great Value

At AKVehicle PCO Cars we understand how hard you have to work as a PCO driver to earn a living. That’s why we’re constantly working to bring PCO drivers great deals on cars.

AK Vehicles

AK Vehicles is the best way to reduce stress even if you are facing for you to make your vehicle well organized and stylish even after having an accident. We provide better accident recovery services which are the best way to hire AK Vehicles employees for better results and perfect customer care services. We will help you to make you able to reduce you’re the burden and stress of the valued customers.

Step 1

Call us on 020 3105 0744 or complete and submit the online form.

Step 2

One of our Hire Specialists will take your details over the phone

Step 3

We will make an appointment for you to attend our office.

Step 4

We will check all of your documents to ensure it is all in line with the rental requirement.

Step 5

We will take the initial £500 deposit plus one weeks rent in advance.

Step 6

Drive away your fully PCO-ready vehicle on the same day and get started in business!


AK Vehicles is the portal where you will able to be the first person to avoid faulty condition of your courtesy car as it is the best way to make your vehicle the perfect thing to get best return in case of financial burden to change the condition of the car after accident.

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Vehicle Hire

Even if you get need to hire a van to move things from one place to another and you are moving with all the household items to keep these items secure from entire crisis like the road accident or other faulty option which we can help you.

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Who We Are

AK Vehicles is the best option to promote people as to protect your vehicle even you are get catch by the road accident and you also wonder to get some of the options to make it better then AK Vehicles will help you to get perfect recovery for automobiles.

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